Scholarships and Academic Awards

The aim of the foundation’s scholarships is to support students both successful in their studies at the Aalto University School of Business and active in extra-curricular activities within KY’s student organizations.

Scholarships are rewarded chiefly to those studying for Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in business. Scholarships are given out according to study year and the maximum number of recipients is four people per application class. A scholarship may only be granted once for each person.

Academic awards are granted to those graduated from the Aalto University School of Business with outstanding marks on their master’s thesis. Recipients must have participated in student organization activities during their study years.

The application period for Academic Awards has closed for 2018.

The application period for Scholarships has closed for 2018.

Apply for a scholarship or an academic award

The application periods for Scholarships and Academic Awards have closed for 2018.

Important information

Application announcement 2017 for Scolarhips


(Abbreviated, unofficial English version)

The scholarships can be granted to degree students of the Aalto University School of Business. In assessing the applications, the Foundation takes into account the grades of the applicants, the pace of their studies and their activity in the student union. The scholarships are granted to students who have registered as being present for at least two and at most twelve semesters. A scholarship can be received only once. A scholarship cannot be awarded to a student who has already received a scholarship from the Student Union of the Helsinki School of Economics.

The scholarship recipients must also meet the following, unconditional criteria:

– Activity in the student union. Any active role or duty in the student union or in a club, the KY association, a student organization or a subcommittee can be considered as activity in the student union. An active participation in the student union’s events does not meet the requirements.

– Progress of studies. The applicant must have earned at least 54 credits during the two most recent semesters for which the applicant has registered as being present. Both credits earned at the School of Business and at student exchange destination institutions accepted by the School of Business are taken into consideration. A student has the right to separately prove credits that have been earned in an exchange destination institution if the credits for one reason or another are not in the study register of the School of Business. Those applying in the last three application groups (D and E) can alternatively show a document proving that they study full-time, signed by their thesis supervisors. The transcript attached to the application must be official and dated at the earliest on 1 January 2018 and it must show all courses completed also in the Bachelor’s degree. An unofficial and unsigned transcript printed out from Weboodi is not accepted.

– Grade point average. The applicant’s total grade point average must be at least 4.0. The grade point average refers to the weighted average calculated by the School.

The applicants are divided into five (5) groups in accordance with the number of semesters for which they have registered as present. At most three (3) scholarships can be awarded for each group. The amount of each scholarship is EUR 500.

The applicant groups are defined as follows:

Applicant group Number of semesters present (by 31 December 2017)
A 2–3
B 4–5
C 6–7
D 8–9
E 10–12

Students admitted directly the Master’s degree level are calculated as having begun their studies in the seventh (7) semester. These students are qualified for scholarships after earning at least 54 credits (36 study weeks) after having enrolled at the School of Business.

News Bulletin

The application period for the scholarships is now open. The period closes on Friday, March 2nd 2018 at 4 p.m. The scholarships must be applied for by using the electronic form. A link to the application form is available at the KY Foundations webpage and in All fields in the application form must be filled in.

The relevant appendices must be delivered as an appendix to the application form.

The transcript must be official and either original or a certified copy of the original. The applications are processed by the KY Foundation’s working committee. The number of scholarships granted depends on the number of applicants who meet the criteria stated above. Each applicant will be informed of the decisions of the Board. The applications and appendices will not be returned.

For more information, please contact the KY Foundation’s Managing Director Antti Melander,

Who can apply for an academic award
The academic award can be applied by all students in the Aalto University School of Business who have graduated and received excellent remarks (graded as 5) from their thesis.

Can I get a scholarship more than once?

Unfortunately no.