The KY Foundation’s property consists of investment funds and real-estate. Investment decisions are presented by the foundation’s investment and finance committee to the board, who then makes the ultimate decisions regarding investments. This wealth is mainly managed by Finnish asset management firms.

In addition to the investment funds, the KY Foundation owns two properties in Kamppi, Helsinki: the KY Building on Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu and a building on Arkadiankatu, previously used as a school building.

The 7-story KY Building serves business students by providing space for the KY Association and various other student organizations in the building’s basement and third floor. Other floors are rented out for external use, and the rent income is used to finance the foundation’s operations.
The old school building located at Arkadiankatu 28 is rented to the Aalto University School of Business. The property, owned by the KY Foundation, also holds student housing for the Aalto University Student Union (AYY). Real-estate is monitored by the real estate committee, who reports directly to the foundation’s board. The KY Foundation’s Managing Director is responsible for managing the housing cooperatives.

Property Dispute

Since the Student Union of the Helsinki School of Economics merged with others to form the Student Union of Aalto University (AYY) at the beginning of 2010, the KY Association and KY Foundation were created to ensure the legacy of business student tradition, operations and identity. These organizations aim to ensure that even after the forming of the Aalto University, business students continue to have services and benefits in their own field of study, and they also gain access to 100 years worth of tradition.