The Executive Board of the KY Foundation has awarded the Foundations Scholarships and Academic Awards to Business students in 2014.

Scholarships are rewarded mainly to those studying for Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in business. Scholarships are given out according to the study year and the maximum number of recipients is four people per application class. A scholarship may only be granted once for each person. The Scholarship is worth 500 euros.

Academic awards are granted to those graduated from the Aalto University School of Business with outstanding marks on their master’s thesis. Recipients must have participated in student organization activities during their study years. A total of four awards may be given out yearly. The Academic Awards are worth 1500 euros.

In the year 2014 KY Foundations Scholarships were granted to the following people (divided in application classes):

Application Class A

Hämäläinen Joni
Vu Phuong
Taipale Mikael
Reponen Sara

Application Class B

Saarelainen Teemu
Kinnunen Susanne
Kasslin Henje
Koivumaa Villeveikka

Application Class C

Tomunen Tuomas
Lapatto Anni
Pulkkinen Leevi

Application Class D

Application Class E

In the year 2014 KY Foundations Academic Awards were granted to the following people:

Eetu Isto
Jasmi Lehtola
Timo Pohjanpalo
Noora Salminen